Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Reads Blog Hop

I'm so happy to have the lazy summer reading days be here! I say "lazy," but summer is just as busy for me, albeit in different directions. The point is I plow through the stack of books on my nightstand and Nook because, I don't know, the later light makes me stay awake past my usual 10 p.m. curfew (toddler waking up at 5 a.m. makes that bedtime necessary during the school year but she sleeps in in summer, thank the gods.)

This fabulous blog hop features prizes at each stop as well as the grand prize. For my prize, I'll give away an insulated drink cup that is perfect for all those summer beverages to sip on while you read up on your summer reading list! I gave one away on my last Hop and people loved it! Good for any beverage of your choice...

And I'll share my favorite new summer beverage if you'd like to use your new tumbler for it. I would credit the recipe for this but I'm not sure where I found it! My summer reading list is as eclectic as my taste. I'm reading the fantastic book The Dueling Neurosurgeons, by Sam Kean, and Rez Life, by David Truer. Also Looking froward to the conclusion of Nora Roberts' latest series. Here's the recipe:

Adult Creamsicle

1 shot of whipped cream vodka
1 can Hanson's Orange Natural Soda

Instructions: Simple. Pour in the alcohol then the soda over ice and enjoy! For a non-alcoholic version replace the vodka with vanilla syrup (Torani's is a good one.)Or... sub out root beer or cream soda for an amazing adult float, maybe with a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream. Use a cookie scoop for the perfect size scoop.

Taking time to relax is something I have to almost make myself do, and summer is a good time to do it. Relaxing is one of the things on my Self-Care list in my new workbook about how to become your own best advocate and cheerleaders, The Self-Advocacy Toolbox: Advocate, Educate and Illuminate your life.

If you're in the mood for more light fiction, I write books about women overcoming difficulties, young adult fiction, and horror (If you need a good chill up your spine!)My latest novel, Brambleberry Farm, follows a woman who's a chef at an organic farm-to-table restaurant and has scads of great recipes like the one above. You can find them all here on my Amazon Author Page.

Here's the grand prize entry:

And, here's the entry for my prize!

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Now, hop to some other blogs for great prizes and fun reads!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Signing today: Art & The Vineyard

Come on down to the Art & The Vineyard today at 5:30, where I'll be signing books and staying in the beautiful Oregon sun.

I'll have copies of all my books and would love to chat. See you there!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Self-Advocacy Tools: Adaptive Tools

Here is a list of some of the Physical Adaptive Tools I have used. I have other more interactive tools in my arsenal, but this is a short list of what has been useful for me.

*Both walkers and canes. I have what I call my "cane wardrobe" with canes for all occasions
*A three-wheeled bike because I don't drive
*A "grabber" or an arm extender
*Grab bars
*Seat raisers
*Special utensils (foam forms to make utensils easy to grab)
*Special glasses

What are some that work for you? I'll give you a hint of my favorite Tool:

It makes my life so much easier! Plus I can get a lot at the market and/or the Library in it. Put your favorite Tools in the comments.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Self-Advocacy Workbook @ Art & The Vineyard

I'm so pleased to say that the copies of the "Self-Advocacy Toolbox Workbook" have arrived! They're in my hot little hands, and I will be signing it an all my other books at the Art & The Vineyard in Eugene, Oregon at 5:30 in the Oregon Authors area.
Here's the link:

And hers's a great photo that captures what the festival is about.

Come see me! After all, there will be wine... And great books and art. It all goes to support a fabulous cause, the Maude Kerns art Center.

See You There!

Monday, June 23, 2014

The World's Most Powerful Radical Self-Love Website

Sonya Renee Taylor, founder of The Body Is Not An Apology, is starting a new website to reach world-wide and give anyone who could use it the tools for radical self-love.



And be one of the people who help fund it and make it happen.

I spent a weekend in Sonya's company at the Body Love Conference and I fell in love with Sonya's courage, her strength, and the absolute conviction she has that we do not need to be ashamed of ourselves. She is a force to be reckoned with. Her love for herself has helped the over 33.000 people in 42 countries say YES to themselves.

SAY YES and help this happen!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Speaking Engagements

I'm lucky to be able to talk about Body Love, Brain Injury and Writing as an inspirational speaker all over the country. My recent credits include the Fern Ridge Library and The Body Love Conference in Tuscon, AZ. Coming up in Summer 2014 are gigs in San Jose, CA, Bethesda, MD, and several locations in Oregon: come see me at the Oregon Country Fair, the Lane County Fair, Art & the Vineyard, or the Florence Festival of Books.

I'm also available to teach classes and workshops on Self-Advocacy to adults and children. The last project I completed with kiddos were three books for the 3, 2nd grade classrooms at Veneta Elementary School, as well as the Creative Writing class book, 30 Minutes to Creativity, for the class I taught in the 2013-14 school year. My upcoming work includes Self-Advocacy Classes for Parents and Self-Advocacy Classes for Kids.

Contact me at if you'd like more information about scheduling me to speak or teach at your event.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Covergasms Blog Hop & Giveaway

Welcome to the Covergasms Hop! Prizes at every hop with chances to win the big prize from the host hop as well.
My cover faves are eclectic, which isn't a huge surprise since my writing & reading style is too.
First up: Laurell K Hamilton's A Kiss of Shadows:

Next: Karen Marie Moning's Shadowfever. This cover if from the Russian Edition but I love this series:

Both books are interesting, complex titles that are part of a series. Good reads.

For my giveaway, I'll give one reader an iced travel cup (US only I'm afraid.)
Perfect for taking along to read your favorite summer read on the beach.
To win mine, comment on this blog and include your email.
You'll get an extra vote in my personal giveaway to follow me on Twitter.
And one more to follow my author Facebook Page.

Here's my Giveaway:
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And here's the Grand Prize raffle!

Hop on for more chances to win!